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What to expect in an online session

What exactly is Holistic Psychotherapy? Lee describes it as "bringing together the most cutting-edge insights from neuroscience, biochemistry and somatic psychotherapy with the time-tested wisdom of Buddhist psychology and nature-based wisdom traditions. Holistic Psychotherapy is multi-dimensional, because humans are. As we practise it, it's really just a healthy chat with a kind person who is equipped with the psychological and emotional literacy to listen beneath the surface and guide a client, gently, to deeper clarity and self-knowledge".

We use the ELDER acronym - Empower, Listen, Down-Regulate, Educate and Reframe.

In the more traditional life of our human ancestors, it was the Elders who fulfilled this role, a person you can turn to for support and guidance when things are tough. Therapy really works and can be life-changing.

During one-on-one therapy sessions with any of our therapists, clients experience a nurturing and safe environment while benefiting from Holistic Psychotherapy techniques. These may include Narrative or Somatic work, Guided Imagery and Meditation, or parts work. At the outset of each session, your therapist ensures your comfort and establishes agreements to honour your needs and boundaries. They guide you towards your goals while remaining open to addressing any emerging needs.

Clients often emerge from sessions feeling lighter, peaceful and more expansive. Issues like Anxiety, Depression,Trauma, Grief, Addictions as well as everyday niggles or relationship issues are all welcome.

It is important to note that each certified therapist offers a unique perspective and skill set. Depending on your preferences or needs, therapists may incorporate additional modalities such as Breathwork, Yoga, Movement, Chinese Medicine or Art Therapy. Your therapeuatic journey is personalised to you, guided by the expertise and creativity of your therapist. Explore the therapist listing on our homepage to learn about our available therapists and make a booking.

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Our Clients say...

What a great first session with Phoebe.

I can’t wait for my next one!

Thanks to the Community clinic for providing affordable sessions for all.

Bless your hearts.


The level of care, professionalism, skill and support I felt from Phoebe was deeply appreciated. I have tried counsellors and psychologists before and have been disappointed to the point of not wanting to try again. But this session had everything I would look for. Phoebe helped me to hear myself more clearly while gently guiding me in a direction that made the session valuable and constructive. This is an incredible service. Thankyou for making this high level of support accessible.


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